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The function hist.DEDS produces histograms of unadjusted p-values for DEDS-class objects.


## S3 method for class 'DEDS'
hist(x, subset=c(1:nrow(x$stats)), ...)



An object of DEDS, produced by deds.pval.


A numeric vector indicating the subset of points to be plotted.


Further graphical parameters, for example, "col", "border", "main", "nclass".


The function hist.DEDS implements a S3 method of hist for DEDS. The DEDS class is a simple list-based class to store DEDS results and hist.DEDS is used for a DEDS object that is created by the function deds.pval. The list contains a "stat" component, which stores unadjusted p-values from various statistical models. The function hist.DEDS extracts the "stat" component and produces a histogram of the unadjusted p-values for each model.

For DEDS objects that are created by functions deds.stat and deds.stat.linkC, the "stat" matrix consists of different types of statistics. For graphical display of these statistics, the user can use qqnorm.DEDS and pairs.DEDS.


Yuanyuan Xiao, yxiao@itsa.ucsf.edu,
Jean Yee Hwa Yang, jean@biostat.ucsf.edu.

See Also

deds.stat, deds.pval, deds.stat.linkC, pairs.DEDS, qqnorm.DEDS

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