Man pages for DEGreport
Report of DEG analysis

createReportCreate report of RNAseq DEG anlaysis
degMethod to get all table stored for an specific comparison
degCheckFactorsDistribution of gene ratios used to calculate Size Factors.
degColorsMake nice colors for metadata
degCompsAutomatize the use of 'results()' for multiple comparisons
degCorCovCalculate the correlation relationshipt among all covariates...
degCovariatesFind correlation between pcs and covariates
degDefaultMethod to get the default table to use.
degFilterFilter genes by group
degMAMA-plot from base means and log fold changes
degMBDistribution of expression of DE genes compared to the...
degMDSPlot MDS from normalized count data
degMeanDistribution of pvalues by expression range
degMergeIntegrate data comming from degPattern into one data object
degMVCorrelation of the standard desviation and the mean of the...
degObjCreate a deg object that can be used to plot expression...
degPatternsMake groups of genes using expression profile.
degPCAsmart PCA from count matrix data
degPlotPlot top genes allowing more variables to color and shape...
degPlotClusterPlot clusters from degPattern function output
degPlotWidePlot selected genes on a wide format
degQCPlot main figures showing p-values distribution and...
DEGreport-deprecatedDeprecated functions in package DEGreport
degResultsComplete report from DESeq2 analysis
degSignaturePlot gene signature for each group and signature
degSummaryPrint Summary Statistics of Alpha Level Cutoffs
degVarDistribution of pvalues by standard desviation range
degVBDistribution of the standard desviation of DE genes compared...
degVolcanoCreate volcano plot from log2FC and adjusted pvalues data...
geneInfodata.frame with chromose information for each gene
geom_corAdd correlation and p-value to a ggplot2 plot
humanGenderDGEList object for DE genes betwen Male and Females
significantsMethod to get the significant genes
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