Man pages for FRGEpistasis
Epistasis Analysis for Quantitative Traits by Functional Regression Model

fourierExpansionFourier Expansion of Genotype
fRGEpistasisGenome Wide Epistasis Study by Functional Regress Model
FRGEpistasis-packagePackage of Epistasis Detection by Functional Regression Model
frgEpistasisTestEpistasis Test by Functional Regression Model
fRGInteractionInteraction Test by Functional Regression Model
innerEpiEpistasis Detection Inner one Chromosome
innerSnpListInteractionPairwise Interaction Test Inner The Same SNP List
logTransPhenologarithmic transformation
outerEpiEpistasis Detection Outer Chromosomes
outerSnpListInteractionPairwise Interaction Test Outer The SNP Lists
pCAInteractionEpistasis Test by Principal Component Analysis
pCAPiontwiseEpistasisEpistasis Test by PCA Method and Piontwise Method
pointwiseInteractionPointwise Interaction Test
rankTransPhenoRank-Based Inverse Normal Transformation
reduceGenoReduction Dimension of Genotype
snpPairInteractionSNP-SNP interaction
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