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This function connects to FlowRepository (flowrepository.org) via an XML-based API and retrieves metadata about a specified dataset in the form of a flowRepData object.


    flowRep.get(id, use.credentials=TRUE,impc.details=FALSE)



An identifier of a FlowRepository dataset. List of available datasets can be obtained by calling the flowRep.ls function.


Whether to use your credentials (email and password) to access FlowRepository. Your credentials can only be used if previously set by calling the setFlowRepositoryCredentials, function. Otherwise, this parameter will be ignored. Using credentials will allow you to access private datasets that are either yours or that have been shared with you. Without credentials, you will have access to public datasets only. If you are accessing a public dataset and you have stored your credentials, then setting use.credentials=FALSE will skip authentication (login/logout) and therefore perform a little bit faster.


Whether to include details about IMPC experiments related to that FlowRepository experiment. If set to TRUE and there are related IMPC experiment then details will be placed in the impc.experiments slot of the returned flowRepData object. Otherwise, the impc.experiments slot will be an empty list.


An HTTP GET request retrieves an XML from FlowRepository, and this XML is parsed to extract metadata about the specified experiment (i.e., dataset).


A flowRepData object as long as referenced dataset is found in FlowRepository and the user has access to it. An error is thrown otherwise.


Josef Spidlen


Spidlen Josef. FlowRepository Resources for Developers.

See Also

flowRep.ls, setFlowRepositoryCredentials, download


    myDataset <- flowRep.get("FR-FCM-ZZ46")

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