FlowRepositoryR: FlowRepository R Interface

This package provides an interface to search and download data and annotations from FlowRepository (flowrepository.org). It uses the FlowRepository programming interface to communicate with a FlowRepository server.

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AuthorJosef Spidlen [aut, cre]
Bioconductor views FlowCytometry Infrastructure
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerJosef Spidlen <jspidlen@bccrc.ca>

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Man pages

attachmentProxy-class: 'attachmentProxy': a class representing a proxy to an...

download-methods: Download dataset files

fcsProxy-class: 'fcsProxy': a class representing a proxy to an FCS file in...

fileProxy-class: 'fileProxy': a class representing a proxy to a file in...

flowRepData-class: 'flowRepData': a class for storing metadata about a...

flowRep.get: Retrieve information about a specified FlowRepository...

flowRep.ls: List identifiers of datasets available in FlowRepository

flowRepOrganization-class: 'flowRepOrganization': a class for storing details about an...

FlowRepositoryR-package: Programming interface to access FlowRepository.org

flowRep.search: Search FlowRepository for datasets matching the query and...

flowRep.submitGeneStatus: Submit information about an IMPC gene analysis results to...

flowRep.submitImpcResults: Submit IMPC data analysis results to FlowRepository.

forgetFlowRepositoryCredentials: Forgets credentials (email and password) to login to...

getFlowRepositoryURL: Get FlowRepository URL addresss.

id-methods: Retrieve the identifier of flowRepData objects

ilarCodeDescription: Get the name of a lab from it's ILAR code

impcCodeDescription: Get a human readable description of an IMPC code.

impcResultsCopy-methods: Retrieve a copy of IMPC results associated with a flowRepData...

is.downloaded-methods: Check if a dataset or a file proxy is downloaded

listKnownIlarCodes: List all known ILAR codes.

setFlowRepositoryCredentials: Set credentials (email and password) to login to...

setFlowRepositoryURL: Set FlowRepository URL addresss.


attachmentProxy Man page
attachmentProxy-class Man page
attachments Man page
attachments<- Man page
attachments,flowRepData,attachments-method Man page
attachments<-,flowRepData-method Man page
attachments,flowRepData-method Man page
download Man page
download,attachmentProxy-method Man page
download,fcsProxy-method Man page
download,fileProxy,download-method Man page
download,fileProxy-method Man page
download,flowRepData,download-method Man page
download,flowRepData-method Man page
fcs.files Man page
fcs.files<- Man page
fcs.files,flowRepData,fcs.files-method Man page
fcs.files<-,flowRepData-method Man page
fcs.files,flowRepData-method Man page
fcsProxy Man page
fcsProxy-class Man page
fileProxy Man page
fileProxy-class Man page
flowRepData Man page
flowRepData-class Man page
flowRep.get Man page
flowRep.ls Man page
flowRepOrganization Man page
flowRepOrganization-class Man page
FlowRepositoryR Man page
FlowRepositoryR-package Man page
flowRep.search Man page
flowRep.submitGeneStatus Man page
flowRep.submitImpcResults Man page
forgetFlowRepositoryCredentials Man page
getFlowRepositoryURL Man page
id Man page
id,flowRepData,id-method Man page
id,flowRepData-method Man page
ilarCodeDescription Man page
impcCodeDescription Man page
impc.experiments Man page
impc.experiments<- Man page
impc.experiments,flowRepData,impc.experiments-method Man page
impc.experiments<-,flowRepData-method Man page
impc.experiments,flowRepData-method Man page
impcResultsCopy Man page
impcResultsCopy,flowRepData,impcResultsCopy-method Man page
impcResultsCopy,flowRepData-method Man page
is.downloaded Man page
is.downloaded,attachmentProxy-method Man page
is.downloaded,fcsProxy-method Man page
is.downloaded,fileProxy,is.downloaded-method Man page
is.downloaded,fileProxy-method Man page
is.downloaded,flowRepData,is.downloaded-method Man page
is.downloaded,flowRepData-method Man page
listKnownIlarCodes Man page
localpath Man page
localpath,fileProxy,localpath-method Man page
localpath,fileProxy-method Man page
organizations Man page
organizations,flowRepData-method Man page
organizations,flowRepData,organizations-method Man page
setFlowRepositoryCredentials Man page
setFlowRepositoryURL Man page
summary,attachmentProxy-method Man page
summary,fcsProxy-method Man page
summary,fileProxy-method Man page
summary,flowRepData-method Man page
summary,flowRepOrganization-method Man page

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