GEM: fast association study for the interplay of Gene, Environment and Methylation

Global functions
.SNP_process_split_for_ANOVA Source code
.SetNanRowMean Source code
.histme Source code
.my.pmax Source code
.my.pmin Source code
.pv.nz Source code
.qqme Source code
.seq Source code
GEM-package Man page
GEM_Emodel Man page Source code
GEM_GUI Man page Source code
GEM_GWASmodel Man page Source code
GEM_Gmodel Man page Source code
GEM_GxEmodel Man page Source code
Matrix_eQTL_engine2 Source code
NCOL,SlicedData-method Man page
NROW,SlicedData-method Man page
SlicedData Man page
SlicedData-class Man page Man page
[[,SlicedData-method Man page
[[<-,SlicedData-method Man page
as.matrix,SlicedData-method Man page
colMeans,SlicedData-method Man page
colSums,SlicedData-method Man page
colnames,SlicedData-method Man page
colnames<-,SlicedData-method Man page
dim,SlicedData-method Man page
length,SlicedData-method Man page
modelPara_GUI Source code
modelSelection_GUI Source code
ncol,SlicedData-method Man page
nrow,SlicedData-method Man page
plot.MatrixEQTL Source code
rowMeans,SlicedData-method Man page
rowSums,SlicedData-method Man page
rownames,SlicedData-method Man page
rownames<-,SlicedData-method Man page
show,SlicedData-method Man page
summary.SlicedData Man page Source code
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