LockeData: Gene expression time series generated with ODE model

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This data set was generated using a circadian clock regulatory network ODE model. The data was simulated using COPASI, subsampled to produce hourly data and after this the log was calculated.




A matrix containing genes in rows and (1h) time points in columns.


Hoops, S., Sahle, S., Gauges, R., Lee, C., Pahle, J., Simus, N., Singhal, M., Xu, L., Mendes, P. and Kummer, U. (2006) COPASI a COmplex PAthway SImulator. Bioinformatics, 22, 3067-3074.

Locke, J.C.W., Kozma-Bognar, L., Gould, P.D., Feher, B., Kevei, E., Nagy, F., Turner, M.S., Hall, A. and Millar, A.J. (2006) Experimental validation of a predicted feedback loop in the multi-oscillator clock of Arabidopsis thaliana. Molecular Systems Biology

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