HDF5Array: HDF5 back end for DelayedArray objects

An array-like container for convenient access and manipulation of HDF5 datasets. Supports delayed operations and block processing.

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AuthorHervé Pagès
Bioconductor views Annotation Coverage DataRepresentation GenomeAnnotation Infrastructure Sequencing
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerHervé Pagès <hpages@fredhutch.org>

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class:HDF5Array Man page
class:HDF5ArraySeed Man page
class:HDF5Matrix Man page
class:HDF5RealizationSink Man page
coerce,ANY,HDF5Array-method Man page
coerce,ANY,HDF5Matrix-method Man page
coerce,DelayedArray,HDF5Array-method Man page
coerce,HDF5Array,HDF5Matrix-method Man page
coerce,HDF5RealizationSink,DelayedArray-method Man page
coerce,HDF5RealizationSink,HDF5Array-method Man page
coerce,HDF5RealizationSink,HDF5ArraySeed-method Man page
DelayedArray,HDF5ArraySeed-method Man page
dim,HDF5ArraySeed-method Man page
dimnames,HDF5RealizationSink-method Man page
getHDF5DumpFile Man page
getHDF5DumpName Man page
HDF5Array Man page
HDF5Array-class Man page
HDF5ArraySeed Man page
HDF5ArraySeed-class Man page
HDF5Matrix Man page
HDF5Matrix-class Man page
HDF5RealizationSink Man page
HDF5RealizationSink-class Man page
lsHDF5DumpFile Man page
matrixClass,HDF5Array-method Man page
setHDF5DumpFile Man page
setHDF5DumpName Man page
subset_seed_as_array,HDF5ArraySeed-method Man page
writeHDF5Array Man page
writeHDF5Dataset Man page
write_to_sink,array,HDF5RealizationSink-method Man page

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