Man pages for IONiseR
Quality Assessment Tools for Oxford Nanopore MinION data

baseCalledExtract baseCalled slot
channelActivityPlotVisualise a specified metric over all channels over time.
channelHeatmapCreate layout plot of flowcell
eventDataExtract eventData slot
Fast5Summary-classAn S4 class for summarised data from a MinION sequencing run
fast5toFastqExtract FASTQ files from fast5 files
fastqExtract fastq slot
fastq2DExtract 2D reads
fastqComplementExtract complement reads
fastqTemplateExtract template reads
IONiseRIONiseR: A package for assessing quality of MinION data
layoutPlotCreate layout plot of flowcell
muxHeatmapCreate layout plot of flowcell
plotActiveChannelsPlot the number of active channels for each minute of run...
plotBaseProductionRatePlot the mean rate at which bases are recorded
plotCurrentByTimeView changes in signal against run time.
plotEventRatePlot the mean rate at which events occur
plotKmerFrequencyCorrelationDisplay correlation between pentemer proportions in two time...
plotReadAccumulationPlot the accumulation of reads over the duration of the...
plotReadCategoryCountsPlot the proportion of template, complement and 2D reads...
plotReadCategoryQualsVisualise the mean base quality of each read
plotReadTypeProductionView changes in signal against run time.
readFast5LogRead the log entry from a single fast5 file
readFast5SummaryRead summary data from fast5 files.
readInfoExtract readInfo slot
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