Man pages for MANOR
CGH Micro-Array NORmalization

arrayTrendSpatial trend of microarray spots statistic
detectSBSpatial bias detection
flag.arrayCGHApply a flag to an arrayCGH
flagsExamples of flag objects to apply to CGH arrays
flag.summarySummarize information about flags after array normalization
genome.plotPan-genomic representation of a normalized arrayCGH
html.reportGenerate an HTML report of array normalization
importImport raw file to an arrayCGH object
MANOR-internalInternal Functions for MANOR Package
nemSpatial Classification by EM algorithm
normNormalize an object of type arrayCGH
qscoreCreate an object of type qscore
qscore.arrayCGHarrayCGH quality score
qscoresExamples of qscore objects (quality scores) to apply to CGH...
qscore.summaryCompute quality scores for a given arrayCGH object
report.plotArray image and a genomic representation of a normalized...
sortSorting for normalized arrayCGH objects
spatialExamples of array-CGH data with spatial artifacts
to.flagCreate an object of type flag
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