Man pages for MmPalateMiRNA
Murine Palate miRNA Expression Analysis

checkMVsCheck an 'RGList' object for missing values
checkOutliersCheck 'RGList' object for outlying values
clustPlotPlot expression profiles
densityplotDensity plots of log2 intensity values
filterArrayFilter an 'RGList' object to remove probes
fixMVs'Fix' an 'RGList' object with missing values.
fixOutliers'Fix' an 'RGList' object with outlying values.
imputeKNNImpute missing values
levelplotPairwise distance between arrays
MADvsMedianPlotSpread vs location of probe intensities
MAplotMA plot
MmPalateMiRNA-packageR package compendium for the analysis of murine palate...
PalateDataMurine Secondary Palate Development miRNA Expression Data
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