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Negative Binomial Models to detect Differential Splicing

designMatrixAn example of a design matrix helpful to demonstrate the use...
geneIsoAn example of isoform-gene relationship specification helpful...
isoCountsDataAn example of an isoform counts matrix helpful to demonstrate...
IsoDataSet-buildLowExpIdxIsoDataSet low expressed isoforms detection.
IsoDataSet-classIsoDataSet S4 class implementation in R
IsoDataSet-constructorIsoDataSet constructor
IsoDataSet-coreGLM fitting and hypothesis testing
IsoDataSet-gettersGetters for an IsoDataSet object.
IsoDataSet-initializeIsoDataSet object constructor.
IsoDataSet-NBTestDifferential splicing analysis.
IsoDataSet-printPrint an IsoDataSet object.
IsoDataSet-showShow method for the IsoDataSet class.
myDSResultsAn example of an NBSpliceRes object.
myIsoDataSetAn example of an IsoDataSet object.
NBSplice-packageNBSplice: Negative Binomial Models to detect Differential...
NBSpliceRes-classNBSpliceRes S4 class implementation in R
NBSpliceRes-constructorNBSpliceRes constructor
NBSpliceRes-GetDSGenesGet differentially spliced genes.
NBSpliceRes-GetDSResultsGet differential expression results of significant genes.
NBSpliceRes-GetGeneResultsGet differentially spliced genes.
NBSpliceRes-gettersGetters for an NBSpliceRes object.
NBSpliceRes-initializeNBSpliceRes object constructor.
NBSpliceRes-plotGeneResultsMethod to obtain isoform's relative expression barplot for an...
NBSpliceRes-plotRatiosDispPlot the dispersion of isoform's relative expression for...
NBSpliceRes-plotVolcanoMethod to obtain the Volcano Plot.
NBSpliceRes-printPrint an NBSpliceRes object.
NBSpliceRes-showShow method for the NBSpliceRes class.
totalGeneCountsAuxiliary function to build gene expression matrix
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