Man pages for PCAN
Phenotype Consensus ANalysis (PCAN)

calcHpSimCompare HP terms based on semantic similarity
compareHPSetsCompare 2 sets of HP terms based on semantic similarity
computeHpICCompute Information Content (IC) for each HP based on genes...
geneByHpEntrez gene IDs associated to HP terms (Example data)
geneByTraitGene associated to trait (Example data)
geneDefDescription of genes (Example data)
hp_ancestorsHP ancestors (Example data)
hpByTraitHP IDs associated to trait (Example data)
hp_classHP class (Example data)
hpDefDescription of HP terms (Example data)
hp_descendantsHP descendants (Example data)
hpGeneHeatmapHP to Gene heatmap
hpGeneListCompHP semantic similarity for a whole gene list.
hpSetCompBestMatchBest matches between two sets of HP terms
hpSetCompSummaryGlobal semantic similarity between 2 HP sets
hqStrNwSTRIND database network of Homo sapiens genes (Example data)
hsEntrezByRPathHomo sapiens entrez gene ID by Reactome pathway (Example...
rPathReactome pathways (Example data)
traitDefDescription of Traits (Example data)
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