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A referenceClass-based representation of an HTML report generated using R objects. This class is based around a persistent, DOM-based representation of the HTML page being created, which is created during initialization and updated as the report is manipulated. HTMLReport is the constructor function for the class.


Publication behavior of HTMLReportRef reports is controlled via an event-observer paradigm. Developers specify behavior in the form of one or more ReportHandlers objects. These objects contain instructions (in the form of R functions) to be carried out whenever certain actions are taken. These actions are: initial report creation ("init"), elements being added to the report ("addElement"), elements being removed from the report ("removeElement"), and the report being finalized ("finish"). See ReportHandlers for more detail.



signature(x = "HTMLReportRef", i = "ANY", j = "ANY", value = "ANY"): Place an element representing value into the report. This will replace any existing element by the same name in the report. x$addElement is used to perform the actual report manipulation.


signature(x = "HTMLReportRef", i = "ANY"): Access an element within the report. The element will be returned in its DOM/HTML representation.


signature(object = "ANY", publicationType = "HTMLReportRef"): Place an element representing object into the report. publicationType$addElement is used to perform the actual report manipulation.


signature(object = "HTMLReportRef"): The paths returned by each of the ReportHandlers for the report.



Short version of report name.


Title of the report.


Directory (relative to basePath) in which to publish the report.


Base path to publish to.


A list of ReportHandlers objects specifying actions to be taken in reponse specific events during the report creation/manipulation process. See Details.

Class-Based Methods

prepare(obj, ...):

Prepare an R object to be added to the report by converting it to an HTML representation. Currently this is done by calling the objectToHTML function on the object, though this is likely to change in the future.


Initialize the report, including generating the base HTML structure. The init function for each ReportHandlers object in handlers is called at the end of this process.

addElement(name, value, ...):

Add an element to the report. prepare is called to generate an HTML representation for value. That representation is then added to the internal DOM representation of the report. The addElement function for each ReportHandlers object in handlers is called at the end of this process.


Finalize a report. This causes the finish function on each element of handlers to be called. This is something of a misnomer in that the report can be further manipulated and "finished" again after this function has been called.


Gabriel Becker <>

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