finish-methods: Finalizing reports after publishing results

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This is a method for finalizing a report after results have been published. The exact nature of finalizing depends on the report type, as detailed below.


signature(publicationType = "DataPackage")

Calling finish on a DataPackage object rewrites the DESCRIPTION file, making sure that all of the dependencies for the objects in the DataPackage are listed.

signature(publicationType = "HTMLReport")

Calling finish on an HTMLReport calls the hwrite function closePage, which closes the body and html tags on the page and closes the connection to the file.

signature(publicationType = "HTMLReportRef")

Calling finish on an HTMLReportRef calls all the finish handler for all ReportHandlers attached to the report. These handlers perform various actions depending on the desired behavior of the report.


my.df <- data.frame()
## <- HTMLReport(shortName = "my_html_file",
##     reportDirectory = "reportDirectory")
# publish(my.df,
## finish(

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