Man pages for Rsubread
Mapping, quantification and variant analysis of sequencing data

alignAlign Sequence Reads to a Reference Genome via Seed-and-Vote
atgcContentCalculate Percentages of Nucleotides in Reads
buildindexBuild Index for a Reference Genome
cellCountsMap and quantify single cell RNA-seq data generated by 10X...
detectionCallDetermine Detection P Values for Each Gene in an RNA-seq...
detectionCallAnnotationGenerate Annotation Data Used for Calculating Detection P...
exactSNPAccurately and Efficiently call SNPs
featureCountsCount Reads by Genomic Features
findCommonVariantsFinding the Common Variants Among All Input VCF Files
flattenGTFFlatten Features in GTF or GFF Annotation Files
getInBuiltAnnotationRetrieve In-Built Annotations
processExonsObtain Chromosomal Coordiates of Each Exon Using NCBI...
promoterRegionsGenerate Annotation for Promoter Regions of Genes
propmappedCalculate the Proportion of Mapped Reads or Fragments in...
qualityScoresExtract Quality Score Data in a Sequencing Read Dataset
removeDupReadsRemove Sequencing Reads Mapped to Identical Locations
repairRe-Order Paired-End Reads to Place Reads
RsubreadUsersGuideView Rsubread Users Guide
sam2bedConvert a SAM Format File to a BED File
simReadsGenerate Simulated Reads from a Set of Transcripts
sublongAlign Long Sequence Reads to a Reference Genome via...
txUniqueCount Number of Bases Unique to Each Transcript
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