Man pages for TransView
Read density map construction and accession. Visualization of ChIPSeq and RNASeq data sets

annotatePeaksAssociates peaks to TSS
DensityContainer-classClass '"DensityContainer"'
gtf2grGTF file parsing
histogram-methodsHistogram of the read distribution
macs2grConvenience function for MACS output conversion
meltPeakConvenience function which returns a data frame with...
parseReadsUser configurable efficient assembly of read density maps
peak2tssChanges the peak center to the next TSS according to previous...
plotTVPlot and cluster global read densities
plotTVDataSummarize plotTV results
rmTVFree space occupied by DensityContainer
slice1Slice read densities from a TransView dataset
slice1TSlice read densities of whole transcripts from a TransView...
TransView-packageRead density map construction and accession. Visualization of...
TVResults-classClass '"TVResults"'
tvStats-methodsDensityContainer accessor function
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