Man pages for affycomp
Graphics Toolbox for Assessment of Affymetrix Expression Measures

affycomp.compfigs.auxiliaryAuxiliary functions to create comparitive Figures
affycomp.figures.auxiliaryAuxiliary functions to create Figures
affycompPlotAssessment Plots
affycomp.tableExpression Assessment Table
assessAllAssessment functions
assessDilutionAssessment functions for Dilution Data
assessSDSD Assessment functions
assessSpikeInAssessment functions for Spike In Data
assessSpikeIn2New Assessment functions for Spike In Data
dilution.phenodataPhenotypic Information for Dilution Study
exprset.logTake log base 2 of Expression
hgu133a.spikein.phenodataphenotypic information for HGU133A spike in study
mas5.assessmentExample of the result of assessments
readinRead Expression Date Sets
remove.hgu133a.xhybRemove crosshybridizers
SDSD Assessment Functions
spikein.phenodataphenotypic information for spike in study
xhybCross hybridizers
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