Man pages for coRNAi
Analysis of co-knock-down RNAi data

BoxPlotShorthBoxplot with horizontal bars at the midpoint of the shorth
cellHTS2dfconverts cellHTS objects to dataframes
cortestmatricesFunction to extract correlations and corresponding p-values...
data2graphFunction to create .dot files for graph representation of...
df2arrayfunction to do go from data frame to an array with values
df2fitmatrixmatrix for lmFit from dataframe
df2lmFitlmFit from dataframe
estmodelFunction to do estimate the main effects from data using...
faultyscreenfaulty screen
InteractGraphfunctions to visualize interactions as a graph
interactiontableReturns a list of interactions with associated statistics.
InteractLevelPlotfunction to visualize interactions as a levelplot
keyA key to data set screen1, contains (additional) information...
MainFitPlotDiagnostic plot
PlotHeatmapPlot a heatmap of interactions
PplotFunction to plot cumulative p-values
repplotsreproducibility plots
rlmmainmain effect estimation
screen1_rawscreen1 raw data
screen2_rawscreen2 raw data
signalplotsplot variation vs signal intensity
tt2matrixExtracting data from a toptable and format it to matrix
updateDfupdates dataframe after fitting of main estimates
weightDfFunction to indicate which data points should be involved in...
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