Man pages for codelink
Manipulation of Codelink microarray data

arrayNewCreate a new x11 device
arraySizeDetermine the size of the array
as.matrix.CodelinkReturn a matrix of intensity values
bkgdCorrectBackground correction of intensity values.
Codelink-classClass Codelink
codelink.exampleDataset of class 'Codelink'
CodelinkSet-classClass CodelinkSet
CodelinkSetUnique-classClass CodelinkSetUnique
codPlotDiagnostic plots for CodelinkSet object.
codsetDataset of class 'CodelinkSet'
createWeightsCreate weight for Codelink chips
cutCVCalculate cutoff based in CV.
decDetectDetermine decimal type of Codelink files
dim.CodelinkReturn the dimension of a Codelink object.
fc2CondSelect probes based on fold change calculation
imageCodelinkImage plot of Codelink arrays
logCodelinkApplication of logCodelink to Codelink object
mergeArrayMerge Codelink Bioarrays Data
na2falseSet NAs to FALSE
Nondocumented-objectsHere goes every undocumented function.
normalizeNormalization wrapper for Codelink/CodelinkSet objects.
plotCorrelationPlot correlation scatterplot between two arrays
plotCVPlot of CV
plotDensitiesPlot Densities
plotMAMA plot
printHeadPrint briefly a Codelink object
readCodelinkRead Codelink Bioarrays Data
readHeaderRead Header from Codelink Bioarrays Files
readHeaderXLSRead Header from XLS exported Codelink Bioarrays Files
reportCodelinkWrite a report of genes selected in HTML
selCVSelect based on CV cutoff.
SNRCalculate SNR
writeCodelinkWrite a Codelink object to file.
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