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The decompTumor2Sig package uses quadratic programming to decompose the somatic mutation catalog from an individual tumor sample (or multiple individual tumor samples) into a set of given mutational signatures (either of the "Alexandrov model" by Alexandrov et al, Nature 500(7463):415-421, 2013, or the "Shiraishi model" by Shiraishi et al, PLoS Genet 11(12):e1005657, 2015), thus computing weights (or "exposures") that reflect the contributions of the signatures to the mutation load of the tumor.


Package: decompTumor2Sig
Type: Package
Version: 2.5.1
Date: 2020-07-27
License: GPL (>=2)

The package provides the following functions:

composeGenomesFromExposures(): (re-)construct tumor genome mutation
frequencies from the signatures and
their corresponding exposures, or
computeExplainedVariance(): determine the variance explained by
estimated signature contributions
(i.e., exposures to signatures).
convertAlexandrov2Shiraishi(): convert a set of Alexandrov
signatures to Shiraishi signatures.
convertGenomesFromVRanges(): convert a genome or set of genomes
from a VariantAnnotation::VRanges
decomposeTumorGenomes(): determine the weights/contributions of
a set of signatures to each of a set of
individual tumor genomes.
determineSignatureDistances(): for a given signature
compute its distances to each of a set
of target signatures.
downgradeShiraishiSignatures(): downgrade Shiraishi signatures
by removing flanking bases and/or the
transcription direction.
evaluateDecompositionQuality(): evaluate the quality of a
decomposition by comparing the
re-composed (=re-constructed) tumor
mutation frequencies to those actually
observed in the tumor genome.
getGenomesFromMutFeatData(): extract the genomes from a
MutationFeatureData object as
provided by, for example,
getSignaturesFromEstParam(): extract a set of signatures from an
EstimatedParameters object as
returned by function getPMSignature
of the pmsignature package.
isAlexandrovSet(): checks whether the input list is
compatible with the Alexandrov format
(probability vectors).
isExposureSet(): checks whether the input list is
compatible with exposure output obtained
from decomposeTumorGenomes.
isShiraishiSet(): checks whether the input list is
compatible with the Shiraishi format
(matrices or data.frames of
isSignatureSet(): checks whether the input list is
compatible with either the Alexandrov
or Shiraishi format.
mapSignatureSets(): find a mapping from one signature
set to another.
plotDecomposedContribution(): plot the decomposition of a
genome into mutational signatures
(i.e., the contributions of, or
exposures to, the signatures).
plotExplainedVariance(): plot the variance of a genome's
mutation patterns which can be
explained with an increasing number
of signatures.
plotMutationDistribution(): plot a single signature or the
mutation frequency data for a single
readAlexandrovSignatures(): read Alexandrov signatures in the
COSMIC format from a flat file or URL.
readGenomesFromMPF(): read a genome or set of genomes from a
Mutation Position Format (MPF) file.
readGenomesFromVCF(): read a genome or set of genomes from a
Variant Call Format (VCF) file.
readShiraishiSignatures(): read Shiraishi signatures from
flat files.
sameSignatureFormat(): checks whether two input lists are sets
of signatures of the same format.


Rosario M. Piro, Politecnico di Milano [aut, cre]
Sandra Krueger, Freie Universitaet Berlin [ctb]
Maintainer: Rosario M. Piro
E-Mail: <> or <>

Krueger, Piro (2019) decompTumor2Sig: Identification of mutational signatures active in individual tumors. BMC Bioinformatics 20(Suppl 4):152.

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