Man pages for fcoex
FCBF-based Co-Expression Networks for Single Cells

discretizeSet the discretized expression attribute Uses the...
fcExample fcoex object
fcoex-classAn S4 class to represent the fcoex analysis.
get_netsNetwork visualization
identsRetrieves module identities from the recluster function
mini_pbmc3kProcessed subset of the pbmc3k dataset from PBMC genomics
mod_colorsSet module colors mod_colors attribute
mod_gene_numGet the number of genes in modules in a fcoex object This...
mod_namesGet module names in a fcoex object
mod_ora# Run module overrepresentation analysis
module_genesGet the module genes in a fcoex object
new_fcoexCreate a fcoex object
nmodulesGet the number of modules in a fcoex object
ora_dataRetrieve over representation analysis (ORA) results
plot_one_interactionNetwork visualization
plot_oraORA visualization
plot_ora_singleORA visualization for one module
reclusterRecluster cells based on fcoex module composition
save_plotsSave fcoex object plots
show-fcoex-methodPrint a fcoex object
show_netRetrieve fcoex net plots
show_oraRetrieve fcoex ora plots
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