Man pages for flowQ
Quality control for flow cytometry

aggregatorList-classClass "aggregatorList"
binaryAggregator-classClass "binaryAggregator"
discreteAggregator-classClass "discreteAggregator"
evaluateProcessEvaluate QA processes
factorAggregator-classClass "factorAggregator"
flowQ-packageQuality control for flow cytometry
locateDuplicatedParametersLocate Duplicated Parameters
normalizeSetsLocate Duplicated Parameters
numericAggregator-classClass "numericAggregator"
outlier-classVirtual Class "outlier"
outlierResult-classClass "outlierResult"
outliers-methods~~ Methods for Function outliers in Package '.GlobalEnv' ~~
preProcessFlowListPreprocess a list of flowSets to add empty flowFrames for...
qaAggregator-classAbstraction of the possible outcomes of a QA process
qaGraph-classClass "qaGraph"
qaGraphList-classClass "qaGraphList"
qaProcess.2DStatsPlotCreates a QA process for 2D summary statistic comparisons...
qaProcess.BoundaryPlotCreates a QA process for comparison of the percentage of...
qaProcess.cellnumberCreate QA process of type 'cellnumber'
qaProcess-classAbstraction of the results of a QA process
qaProcess.DensityPlotCreates a QA process for comparisons of density plots across...
qaProcess.ECDFPlotCreates a QA process for comparisons of ECDF's across...
qaProcessFrame-classClass "qaProcessFrame"
qaProcess.KLDistPlotCreates a QA process for comparisons of KL Distances across...
qaProcess.margineventsCreate QA process of type 'marginevents'
qaProcessSummary-classClass "qaProcessSummary"
qaProcess.timeflowCreate QA process of type 'timeflow'
qaProcess.timelineCreate QA process of type 'timeline'
qaReportCreate HTML report using one or several QA process...
qDataData for demonstrating QA processes that compares dye...
rangeAggregator-classClass "rangeAggregator"
stringAggregator-classClass "stringAggregator"
txtFormatQAObjectFormats results contained in QA process objects into a data...
validProcessValidate a QAProcess object
writeQAReportCreate HTML report for (lists of) qaProcess objects
writeQATextReportCreate tab delimited text files for (lists of) qaProcess...
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