Man pages for flowTime
Annotation and analysis of biological dynamical systems using flow cytometry

addbsAdd background subtraction to a summary data frame
addnormNormalize fluorescence
annotateFlowSetAnnotate a flowSet with experimental metadata
createAnnotationCreate an annotation dataframe
dipdoubletGateA gate for the set of all diploid doublets
dipsingletGateA gate for the set of all diploid singlet yeast cells
flsummaryGet summary statistics for fluorescence or other data...
getTimeGet the time at which at flowFrame began collection
hapdoubletGateA gate for the set of all haploid doublets
hapsingletGateA gate for the set of all haploid singlets
loadGatesLoad a yeast gate file
ploidyGuess the ploidy of a given flowframe
polygateCreate a polygon gate
qaGatingQuality assurance check
read.plateSetRead a FCS files from set of plates
saveGatesSave a yeast gate set
steadyStateAnalysis of steady state fluorescence flow cytometry
summarizeFlowGenerate summary statistics for a flowSet
yeastGateA gate for the set of all yeast cells
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