Man pages for geneplast
Evolutionary and plasticity analysis of orthologous groups

geneplast-packageGeneplast: an R package for evolutionary rooting and...
gpdataA pre-processed dataset for the geneplast package.
gplastEvolutionary plasticity inference.
gplast.getGet information from individual slots in an OGP object.
gplast.preprocessEvolutionary plasticity inference.
grootEvolutionary rooting inference.
groot.getGet information from individual slots in an OGR object.
groot.plotPlot the inferred evolutionary root of a given OG or the map...
groot.preprocessEvolutionary rooting inference.
OGP-classClass '"OGP"': an S4 class for genetic plasticity analysis.
ogr2igraphIntegrates evolutionary rooting information and graphs.
ogr2tniIntegrates evolutionary rooting information and regulatory...
OGR-classClass '"OGR"': an S4 class for rooting analysis.
ppidataA pre-processed igraph object for the geneplast package.
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