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This page lists and describes all internal functions of the R package globalSeq.

intern.estim estimates the parameters of the negative binomial distribution by maximum likelihood.
intern.permu permutes values across samples, either across all samples or across samples within subgroups.
intern.score computes the score test statistic.

intern.crude calculates p-values by permutation.
intern.focus calculates p-values by permutation, focusing on a region of interest.
intern.conva calculates p-values by permutation, using the method of control variates.

intern.cov decomposes the test statistic to show the influence of covariates.
intern.sam decomposes the test statistic to show the influence of samples.
intern.plot plots the contributions of covariates or samples.

intern.chromo runs through all genes on a chromosome. identifies local covariates.
intern.matrix transforms data to a numeric matrix.

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The user functions of the R package globalSeq are cursus, omnibus and proprius.

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