Man pages for gmapR
An R interface to the GMAP/GSNAP/GSTRUCT suite

bam_tally-methodsPer-position Alignment Summaries
BamTallyParam-classClass '"BamTallyParam"'
cmetindexCall the cmetindex command
directoryGet the Path to the Location on Disk from a gmapR Class
gmap_build-methodsBuild Gmap/Gsnap Genome
GmapGenome-classClass '"GmapGenome"'
GmapGenomeDirectory-classClass '"GmapGenomeDirectory"'
GmapSnpDirectory-classClass '"GmapSnpDirectory"'
GmapSnps-classClass '"GmapSnps"'
gsnap-methodsAlign a Set of Reads Using the GSNAP Aligner
GsnapOutput-classClass '"GsnapOutput"'
GsnapParam-classClass '"GsnapParam"'
internalsgmapR2 internals
makeGmapGenomePackageFunction to create a GmapGenome package from a GmapGenome...
TP53GenomeDemo genome around TP53
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