Man pages for mQTL.NMR
Metabolomic Quantitative Trait Locus Mapping for 1H NMR data

align_mQTLPeak alignment and normalisation of metabolomic data
alignSpBase function for Spectrum Alignment
attachSegmentsConcatenation of test and reference segments
circle_mQTLCircular genome-metabolome plot for mQTL.NMR
configureRSPAsegmentaion and recursive alignment parameters
format_mGWARoutine to reformat the data into the required format to...
format_mQTLRoutine to reformat the data of animal crosses into the...
load_datafilesLoad data files for examples
load_demo_dataLoad demo data files
matchSegmentsMatching the segment of interest to the corresponding...
mQTL.NMR-packageMetabolomic Quantitative Trait Locus mapping for 1H NMR data
normaliseBase function of normalisation
normalise_mQTLNormalisation of metabolomic data
peakPeaksPeak picking algorithm
post_mQTLPlot top LOD results
pperspPlot a 3-D profile of LODs
pplotPlot a color scale layer
pre_mQTLStatistical Recoupling of variables for mQTL analysis
process_mGWAMetabolomic Genome-Wide Association analysis for a set of...
process_mQTLmQTL mapping
segmentateSpSegmentation of a spectrum of interest
selectRefSpAutomated selection of a reference spectrum
setupRSPAsetup of alignment parameters
sgolayFind the matrix of differentiation filters
sgolayDerivCalculate smoothed derivates
simple.plotPlot NMR profile plus SRV regions
SRVStatistical Recoupling of Variables
SRV_lod.plotPlot top lod SRV clusters
SRV.plotPlot SRV clusters
summary_mQTLFunction to summarize the mQTL mapping results of all the...
Top_SRV.plotPlot top SRV clusters
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