Man pages for methylMnM
detect different methylation level (DMR)

calcFactornewNormalization factor.
calculatecountCall C programs to R.
calculatecount1Call C programs to R.
calculatecountnegCall C programs to R.
CNVnormalNormalize copy number variation (CNV).
countcpgbinCompute the total CpG number of each bin with each CpG site.
countMeDIPbinCompute the total MeDIP-seq number of each bin.
countMREbinCompute the total MRE-seq number of each bin.
countMREcpgbinCompute the MRE CpG number of each bin with MRE CpG sites.
cpgcountCall C programs to R.
MnM-packageMeDIP-Seq and MRE-Seq data analysis
MnM.qvalueEstimate the q-values for a given set of p-values
MnM.selectDMRSelect significants of each comparation.
MnM.testCompute p-value of each bin.
normpdfCompute p-value with normal distribution.
normpdf1Compute p-value with normal distribution.
pmultinomCall C programs to R.
qvalue.rankRank values.
removeblacklistRemove blacklist.
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