Man pages for mgsa
Model-based gene set analysis

alphaMcmcPost-methodsposterior estimates of the parameter alpha for each MCMC run
alphaPost-methodsPosterior for alpha
betaMcmcPost-methodsposterior estimates of the parameter beta for each MCMC run
betaPost-methodsPosterior for beta
createMgsaGoSetsThis functions takes a 1:1 mapping of go.ids to items and...
example-goExample GO sets for mgsa
example-oExample objects for mgsa
itemAnnotations-methodsItem annotations of a MgsaSets
itemIndices-methodsItem indices of a MgsaSets
length-methodsLength of a MgsaSets.
MgsaGoSets-classGene Ontology annotations
MgsaMcmcResults-classInstances of this class are used to hold the additional...
mgsa-methodsPerforms an MGSA analysis
mgsa-packageModel-based gene set analysis
MgsaResults-classResults of an MGSA analysis
MgsaSets-classSets of items and their annotations
nsamples-methodsHow many samples per MCMC run collected
plot-MgsaResults-methodPlot method for MgsaResults objects
pMcmcPost-methodsposterior estimates of the parameter p for each MCMC run
populationSize-methodsSize of the population of a MgsaResults
pPost-methodsPosterior for beta
readGAFRead a Gene Ontology annotation file
restarts-methodsHow many MCMC runs
setAnnotations-methodsSet annotations of a MgsaSets
setsMcmcPost-methodsposterior estimates of the the set marginal probabilities for...
setsResults-methodsPosterior for each set
show-MgsaResults-methodShow an MgsaResults
show-MgsaSets-methodShow an MgsaSets
steps-methodsHow many steps per MCMC run
studySetSizeInPopulation-methodsSize of the study set of a MgsaResults
subMgsaSets-methodsSubset of an MgsaSets
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