Man pages for ncdfFlow
ncdfFlow: A package that provides HDF5 based storage for flow cytometry data.

as.flowSetconvert from a 'ncdfFlowSet' to a 'flowSet'
clone.ncdfFlowSetClone a ncdfFlowSet
extractFlowFrameextract a 'flowFrame' object from 'ncdfFlowSet'
flowSet-accessorAccessors compatible with those for 'flowSet'
getFileNameget the cdf file name associated with ncdfFlowSet object
Indices'getIndices' extracts the event indices of one or multiple...
lapply-methodslapply method for ncdfFlowList
ncdfFlowncdfFlow: A package that provides CDF storage based flow...
ncdfFlowList-classa class that stores multiple ncdfFlowSet objects
ncdfFlowSet-classa class for storing flow cytometry raw data in HDF5 format
ncdfFlowSet-constructorcreate ncdfFlowSet from flowSet
ncdfFlowSet-splitsplit a 'ncdfFlowSet' object.
ncdfFlowSet-Subsetsubset a ncdfFlowSet by filter
ncfsApply-ncdfFlowSet-methodapply method for ncdfFlowSet (for internal use)
rbind2-methodcombine multiple ncdfFlowSet objects into one
read.ncdfFlowSetcreate ncdfFlowSet from FCS files
replacement-method-for-ncdfFlowSetwrite the flow data from a 'flowFrame' to 'ncdfFlowSet'...
save_ncfssave/load a ncdfFlowSet object to/from disk.
subset-functionssubset the ncdfFlowSet/ncdfFlowList based on 'pData'
subset-methodssubsetting by sampleNames,channels(not for events) methods
unlink-ncdfFlowSet-methoddelete the cdf file associated with the ncdfFlowSet object...
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