Man pages for ndexr
NDEx R client library

listToRCodeTranslates a nested list (as provided by a yaml file) into R...
ndex_conf_headerDefault header for the ndex_api_config.r file
ndex_configNDEx server api configuration
ndex_connectConnect to NDEx REST API
ndex_create_groupCreate Group
ndex_create_networkCreate a Network at a server from RCX data
ndex_create_userCreate a user
ndex_delete_groupDelete Group
ndex_delete_networkDelete a network
ndex_delete_userDelete User
ndex_find_groupsSearch groups in NDEx
ndex_find_networksSearch networks in NDEx (by description)
ndex_find_user_byIdGet User By UUID
ndex_find_user_byNameGet User By Name
ndex_find_usersSearch user in NDEx
ndex_get_groupGet a Group
ndex_get_networkGet complete network
ndex_group_delete_membershipRemove a Group Member
ndex_group_list_networksGet Network Permissions of a Group
ndex_group_list_usersGet Members of a Group
ndex_group_network_get_permissionGet Group Permission for a Specific Network
ndex_group_set_membershipAdd or Update a Group Member
ndex_helper_encodeParamsAdds Parameters to an url
ndex_helper_getApiGet the Api configuration for a function
ndex_helper_httpResponseHandlerHandles the http server response
ndex_network_aspect_get_metadataGet the Metadata Associated with a Network UUID
ndex_network_delete_permissionDelete Network Permission
ndex_network_get_aspectGet a Network Aspect As CX
ndex_network_get_metadataGet Network CX Metadata Collection
ndex_network_get_permissionGet All Permissions on a Network
ndex_network_get_provenanceGet Network Provenance
ndex_network_get_summaryGet NetworkSummary by Network UUID
ndex_network_set_systemPropertiesSet Network System Properties
ndex_network_update_aspectUpdate an Aspect of a Network
ndex_network_update_permissionUpdate Network Permission
ndex_network_update_profileUpdate Network Profile
ndex_rest_DELETEGeneric DELETE query to API.
ndex_rest_GETGeneric GET query to API.
ndex_rest_POSTGeneric POST query to API
ndex_rest_PUTGeneric PUT query to API
ndexr-packageNDEx R client library
ndex_update_groupUpdate Group
ndex_update_networkUpdate an Entire Network as CX
ndex_update_userUpdate User
ndex_user_change_passwordChange Password
ndex_user_forgot_passwordForgot Password
ndex_user_get_networksummaryGet User's Account Page Networks
ndex_user_get_showcaseGet User's Showcase Networks
ndex_user_list_groupsGet User's Group Memberships
ndex_user_list_permissionsGet User's Network Permissions
ndex_user_mail_passwordEmail New Password
ndex_user_show_groupGet User's Membership in Group
ndex_user_show_permissionGet User's Permission for Network
ndex_verify_userVerify a User
ngraph_toRCXDeprecated: Create RCX object from NGraph object
print.NDExConnectionPrint a NDExConnection object
print.RCXPrint a RCX object
rcx_asNewNetworkRemove all interfering NDEx artefacts from RCX object
rcx_aspect_toJSONGenerate JSON data for a single aspect of a RCX object
rcx_fromJSONCreate RCX object from JSON data
rcxgraph_toRCXCreate RCX object from RCXgraph object
rcx_newCreate a blank rcx object
rcx_toJSONGenerate JSON data from RCX object
rcx_toNGraphDeprecated: Create NGraph object from RCX object
rcx_toRCXgraphCreate RCXgraph object from RCX object
rcx_updateMetaDataUpdating the meta-data of an RCX object
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