Man pages for occugene
Functions for Multinomial Occupancy Distribution

binHistHistogram Breakpoints
binInsertInsert Locations
binInsertHistInsert Locations Quickly
checkFormatChecks the Format of Annotation and Insertions
delta0Number of New Knockouts
eMultExpected Value of the Occupancy Distribution
etDeltaNumber of New ORF Knockouts
fCumulParametric Function for the Cumulative Occupancy Distribution
fFitParametric Fit for the Cumulative Occupancy Distribution
loadAnnotationLoads Annotation File
loadInsertionsLoad Genome Annotation File
occup2NegenesConvert Occupancy Format to Negenes
sampleAnnotationAnnotation for a Hypothetical Prokayote
sampleInsertionsInsertions for a Hypothetical Clonal Library
unbiasB0Unbiased Estimator of the Number of Non-essential ORFs
unbiasDelta0Unbiased Number of New Knockouts
varMultVariance of the Occupancy Distribution
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