Man pages for pcaExplorer
Interactive Visualization of RNA-seq Data Using a Principal Components Approach

correlatePCsPrincipal components (cor)relation with experimental...
distro_exprPlot distribution of expression values
geneprofilerExtract and plot the expression profile of genes
genespcaPrincipal components analysis on the genes
get_annotationGet an annotation data frame from biomaRt
get_annotation_orgdbGet an annotation data frame from org db packages
hi_loadingsExtract genes with highest loadings
limmaquickpca2goFunctional interpretation of the principal components, based...
makeExampleDESeqDataSet_multifacMake a simulated DESeqDataSet for two or more experimental...
pair_corrPairwise scatter and correlation plot of counts
pca2goFunctional interpretation of the principal components
pcaExplorerExplore a dataset from a PCA perspective
pcaExplorer-pkgpcaExplorer: analyzing time-lapse microscopy imaging, from...
pcaplotSample PCA plot for transformed data
pcaplot3dSample PCA plot for transformed data
pcascreeScree plot of the PCA on the samples
plotPCcorrsPlot significance of (cor)relations of covariates VS...
topGOtableExtract functional terms enriched in the DE genes, based on...
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