Running gene-set anaysis with `piano`

Quick start

  1. Load piano and example data:
  1. Take a look at the structure of the input data:
head(gsa_input$pvals, 10)
head(gsa_input$directions, 10)
  1. Load gene-set collection and take a look at the resulting object:
geneSets <- loadGSC(gsa_input$gsc)
  1. Run gene-set analysis:
gsares <- runGSA(gsa_input$pvals,
                 gsc = geneSets,
                 nPerm = 500) # set to 500 for fast run

Note: nPerm was set to 500 to get a short runtime for this vignette, in reality use a higher number, e.g. 10,000 (default).

  1. Explore the results in an interactive Shiny app:

This opens a browser window with an interactive interface where the results can be explored in detail.

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