Man pages for piano
Platform for integrative analysis of omics data

consensusHeatmapHeatmap of top consensus gene sets
consensusScoresTop consensus gene sets and boxplot
diffExpPerform differential expression analysis
exploreGSAresExplore GSA results
extractFactorsExtracts 'ArrayData' factors
geneSetSummaryGene set summary
GSAheatmapHeatmap of top significant gene sets
gsa_inputRandom input data for gene set analysis
gsa_resultsGene set analysis result data
GSAsummaryTableGene set analysis summary table
loadGSCLoad a gene set collection
loadMAdataLoad and preprocess microarray data
networkPlotGene set network plot
networkPlot2Gene set network plot
piano-packagePiano - Platform for Integrative ANalysis of Omics data
polarPlotPolar plot
runGSAGene set analysis
runGSAhyperGene set analysis with Fisher's exact test
runQCRun quality control
writeFilesForKiwiWrite files for Kiwi
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