Man pages for ramwas
Fast Methylome-Wide Association Study Pipeline for Enrichment Platforms

cachedRDSloadCached Loading of RDS Files
findBestNpvsQuickly Find N Smallest P-values in a Long Vector
getFunctions for Access to Data, MWAS Results, and Location...
getCpGsetConstruct CpG set for a Reference Genome
injectSNPsMAFInject SNPs from VCF Count File into a DNA Sequence
insilicoFASTQConstruct FASTQ File for In-silico Alignment Experiment
isAbsolutePathCheck if Path is Absolute.
MakeBEDExport MWAS results in BED format.
makefullpathCombine Path and Filename into Filename with Path
manhattanFast Manhattan plot for Large Number of P-values
mat2colsSplit a Matrix into Column Vectors
orthonormalizeCovariatesOrthonormalize Covariates
parameterDumpSave Parameters in a Text File
parameterPreprocessPreprocess Pipeline Parameter List.
parametersFromFileScan Parameters From a R Code File
pipelineRaMWAS: High Level Pipeline Functions
plotCVPlotting Functions used in Cross Validation Analysis...
plotFragmentSizeDistributionEstimateEstimate and plot Fragment Size Distribution.
plotPCPlot Principal component (PC) Values (variation explained)...
processCommandLineScan Parameters From Command Line
pvalue2qvalueCalculate Benjamini-Hochberg q-values
QCsQuality Control Measures
qqplotFastFast QQ-plot for Large Number of P-values
RaMWASFast Methylome-wide Association Study Pipeline for Enrichment...
ramwas0createArtificialDataCreate Artificial Data Set
ramwasAnnotateLocationsExtract Biomart Annotation for a Vector of Locations.
ramwasParametersFunction for Convenient Filling of the RaMWAS Parameter List.
rowcolSumSqForm Row and Column Sums of Squares
rwDataClass-classClass for Accessing Data (Coverage) Matrix
subsetDataSubset a data matrix and locations
testPhenotypeTest the Phenotype of Interest for Association with...
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