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CellMiner Drug Response Values


A list containing response values and annotations:

  • act Z-scores of the averaged negative log GI (growth inhibition) 50 values across repeats for the NCI-60; assay described here: http://dtp.nci.nih.gov/branches/btb/ivclsp.html

  • annot

    • id Dataset identifier; NOTE: DO NOT use this column; the NSC is the primary drug identifier

    • nsc National Service Center identifier; the primary drug identifier

    • name Compound name

    • brand_name Brand name for the compound, if sold commericially

    • formula Compound chemical formula

    • testing_status Information on whether it is known if the compound is FDA approved or undergoing testing in clinical trials

    • source TODO

    • smiles Compound chemical structure as a SMILES string

    • weight Compound chemical weight in g/mol

    • mechanism Pharmacological mechanism of action

    • confidential_flag A flag to indicate if compound information is public

    • total_probes TODO

    • total_good_probes TODO

    • low_correlations TODO

    • failure_reason TODO

    • cas CAS Registry Number; NOTE: Due to data restrictions PubChem IDs are the preferred mapping ID to other datasets

    • pubchem_id PubChem ID


Vinodh Rajapakse vinodh.rajapakse AT nih.gov



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