Man pages for readat
Functionality to Read and Manipulate SomaLogic ADAT files

aptamersSequence data for the Somalogic SOMAscan assay
as.ExpressionSetConvert objects into ExpressionSets or MSnSets.
as.SummarizedExperimentConvert objects into SummarizedExperiments
chromosomalPositionsChromosomal Positions by SomaLogic AptamerId
colnamesStartWithSeqIdDoes the input contain Sequence ID column names?
convertSeqIdToAptamerConvert SeqIds to Aptamers
createSampleSubmissionCreate a SomaLogic Sample Submission Form
ensemblIdsEnsembl IDs by SomaLogic AptamerId
extractSampleDataExtract the sample datasets
getChromosomalPositionsGet Chromosomal Positions by AptamerId
getEnsemblIdsGet Ensembl IDs by AptamerId
getGoMolecularFunctionsGO definitions by AptamerId
getKeggDefinitionsKEGG definitions, modules, and pathways by AptamerId
getPfamGet PFAM IDs by AptamerId
getSampleIdVarGet name of sample id variable
getSequencesWithLargestBetweenGroupVariationGet sequences with the largest between group variation
getUniProtKeywordsGet UniProt Keywords by AptamerId
goMolecularFunctionGO definitions by SomaLogic AptamerId
isPassIs the value a pass
isSomaEsetIs object a soma eset?
keggDefinitionsKEGG definitions, modules, and pathways by SomaLogic...
melt.WideSomaLogicDataMelt a WideSomaLogicData object
orderPlatePositionOrder Plate position
pfamPFAM IDs by SomaLogic AptamerId
readAdatRead a SomaLogic data file
readat-defunctDefunct objects in readat
readCommentsRead SomaLogic Sample Submission Comments File
readControlsRead SomaLogic Sample Submission Controls File
readFirstCharRead the first character of each line
readSamplesRead SomaLogic Sample Submission Samples File
readSlidesRead SomaLogic Sample Submission Slides File
sub-.WideSomaLogicDataIndexing for WideSomaLogicData objects
uniprotKeywordsUniProt Keywords by SomaLogic AptamerId
WideSomaLogicDataCreate a WideSomaLogicData object
WideSomaLogicDataAttributesGet WideSomaLogicData attributes
writeSampleSubmissionFormWrite a SomaLogic sample submission form
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