Man pages for scmeth
Functions to conduct quality control analysis in methylation data

bsConversionPlotBisulfite conversion rate visualization
chromosomeCoverageCpG covergae in each chromosome
coverageCoverage for single cells
cpgDensityProvides Coverage by the CpG density. CpG Density is defined...
cpgDiscretizationDiscretize the CpG methylation values to align with single...
downsampleDownsample analysis
featureCoverageCoverage based on the genomic feature
mbiasplotMethylation bias plot
methylationDistProvide graphics for methylation distribution
readmetricsProvide graphics for read information
repMaskProvides Coverage metrics in the repeat masker region
reportGenerates an inclusive report on methylation analysis
scmethscmeth: a package to conduct quality control analysis for...
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