Man pages for siggenes
Multiple Testing using SAM and Efron's Empirical Bayes Approaches

chisq.ebamEBAM Analysis for Categorical Data
chisq.statSAM Analysis for Categorical Data
delta.plotDelta Plots
densprDensity Estimation
d.statSAM Analysis Using a Modified t-statistic
ebamEmpirical Bayes Analysis of Microarrays
EBAM-classClass EBAM
ebamControlFurther EBAM Arguments
find.a0Computation of the Fudge Factor
FindA0-classClass FindA0
findDeltaFinding the Threshold Delta
fudge2Fudge Factor
fuzzy.ebamEBAM and SAM for Fuzzy Genotype Calls
help.ebamHelp files or argument list for EBAM-specific methods
help.finda0Help files or argument list for FindA0-specific methods
help.samHelp files or argument list for SAM-specific methods
limma2samlimma to SAM or EBAM
link.genesLinks for a list of genes
link.siggenesLinks for a SAM or an EBAM object
list.siggenesList of the significant genes
md.plotMD Plot
nclass.wandNumber of cells in a histogram
pi0.estEstimation of the prior probability
plotArgumentsPlot Arguments
plotFindArgumentsPlot Arguments
qvalue.calComputation of the q-value
rowWilcoxonRowwise Wilcoxon Rank Sum Statistics
samSignificance Analysis of Microarray
SAM-classClass SAM
samControlFurther SAM Arguments
sam.plot2SAM Plot
siggenes2excelCSV file of a SAM or an EBAM object
siggenes2htmlHTML page for a SAM or an EBAM object
siggenes-internalInternal siggenes functions
sumSAM-classClasses sumSAM and sumEBAM
trend.ebamEBAM Analysis of Linear Trend
trend.statSAM Analysis of Linear Trend
wilc.ebamEBAM Analysis Using Wilcoxon Rank Statistics
wilc.statSAM Analysis Using Wilcoxon Rank Statistics
z.ebamEBAM analysis Using t- or F-test
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