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Transforms the output of an analysis with limma into a SAM or EBAM object, such that a SAM or EBAM analysis, respectively, can be performed using the test statistics provided by limma.


limma2sam(fit, coef, moderate = TRUE, sam.control = samControl())

limma2ebam(fit, coef, moderate = TRUE, delta = 0.9, 
   ebam.control = ebamControl())



an object of class MArrayLM, i.e.\ the output of the functions eBayes and lmFit from the limma package.


column number or name corresponding to the coefficient or contrast of interest. For details, see the argument coef of the function topTable in limma.


should the limma t-statistic be considered? If FALSE, the ordinary t-statistic is used in the trasnsformation to a SAM or EBAM object. If TRUE, it is expected that fit is the output of eBayes. Otherwise, fit can be the result of lmFit or eBayes.


further arguments for the SAM analysis. See samControl for these arguments, which should only be changed if they are fully understood.


the minimum posterior probability for a gene to be called differentially expressed (or more generally, for a variable to be called significant) in an EBAM analysis. For details, see ebam. Please note that the meaning of delta differs substantially between sam and ebam


further arguments for an EBAM analysis. See ebamControl for these arguments, which should only be changed if their meaning is fully understood.


An object of class SAM or EBAM.


Holger Schwender, [email protected]


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See Also

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