rowWilcoxon: Rowwise Wilcoxon Rank Sum Statistics

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Computes either the Wilcoxon Rank Sum or Signed Rank Statistics for all rows of a matrix simultaneously.


  rowWilcoxon(X, cl, rand = NA)



a matrix in which each row corresponds to a variable, and each column to an observation/sample.


a numeric vector consisting of ones and zeros. The length of cl must be equal to the number of observations. If cl consists of zeros and ones, Wilcoxon Rank Sums are computed. If cl contains only ones, Wilcoxon Signed Rank Statistics are calculated.


Sets the random number generator into a reproducible state. Ignored if Wilcoxon rank sums are computed, or X contains no zeros.


If there are ties, then the ranks of the observations belonging to the same group of tied observations will be set to the maximum rank available for the corresponding group.


A numeric vector containing Wilcoxon rank statistics for each row of X.


Holger Schwender,

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