BANOVA: Hierarchical Bayesian ANOVA Models

It covers several Bayesian Analysis of Variance (BANOVA) models used in analysis of experimental designs in which both within- and between- subjects factors are manipulated. They can be applied to data that are common in the behavioral and social sciences. The package includes: Hierarchical Bayes ANOVA models with normal response, t response, Binomial(Bernoulli) response, Poisson response, ordered multinomial response and multinomial response variables. All models accommodate unobserved heterogeneity by including a normal distribution of the parameters across individuals. Outputs of the package include tables of sums of squares, effect sizes and p-values, and tables of predictions, which are easily interpretable for behavioral and social researchers. The floodlight analysis and mediation analysis based on these models are also provided. BANOVA uses JAGS as the computational platform.

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AuthorChen Dong, Michel Wedel
Date of publication2016-12-16 08:33:33
MaintainerChen Dong <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

BAnova: Function to print the table of effect sizes

BANOVA.Bern: Estimation of BANOVA with a Bernoulli dependent variable

BANOVA.Bin: Estimation of BANOVA with a Binomial dependent variable

BANOVA.floodlight: Floodlight analysis based on BANOVA models

BANOVA.mediation: Mediation analysis based on BANOVA models

BANOVA.Multinomial: Estimation of BANOVA with a Multinomial dependent variable

BANOVA.Normal: Estimation of BANOVA with a normally distributed dependent...

BANOVA.ordMultinomial: Estimation of BANOVA with a ordered Multinomial response...

BANOVA-package: BANOVA: Hierarchical Bayesian ANOVA Models

BANOVA.Poisson: Estimation of BANOVA with Poisson dependent variables

BANOVA.T: Estimation of BANOVA with T-distributin of the dependent...

bernlogtime: Data for analysis of effects of typicality, blur and color on...

bpndata: Eye-movement data for analysis of print ad designs

choicedata: Household Panel Data on Margarine Purchases

colorad: Data for gist perception of advertising, study 1

colorad2: Data for gist perception of advertising, study 2

condstudy: Data for the study of how brand attitudes were influenced by...

conv.diag: Function to display the convergence diagnostics

goalstudy: Data for the study of the impact of the variety among means...

ipadstudy: Data for the study of relation between Conspicuous, Brand...

table.predictions: Function to print the table of means

table.pvalues: Function to print the table of p-values

trace.plot: Function to plot the trace of parameters


BAnova Man page
BANOVA Man page
BANOVA.Bern Man page
BANOVA.Bin Man page
BANOVA.floodlight Man page
BANOVA.mediation Man page
BANOVA.Multinomial Man page
BANOVA.Normal Man page
BANOVA.ordMultinomial Man page
BANOVA-package Man page
BANOVA.Poisson Man page
BANOVA.T Man page
bernlogtime Man page
bpndata Man page
choicedata Man page
colorad Man page
colorad2 Man page
condstudy Man page
conv.diag Man page
goalstudy Man page
ipadstudy Man page
predict.BANOVA.Bern Man page
predict.BANOVA.Bin Man page
predict.BANOVA.Multinomial Man page
predict.BANOVA.Normal Man page
predict.BANOVA.ordMultinomial Man page
predict.BANOVA.Poisson Man page
predict.BANOVA.T Man page
print.BANOVA.Bern Man page
print.BANOVA.Bin Man page
print.BANOVA.floodlight Man page
print.BANOVA.mediation Man page
print.BANOVA.Multinomial Man page
print.BANOVA.Normal Man page
print.BANOVA.ordMultinomial Man page
print.BANOVA.Poisson Man page
print.BANOVA.T Man page
summary.BANOVA.Bern Man page
summary.BANOVA.Bin Man page
summary.BANOVA.Multinomial Man page
summary.BANOVA.Normal Man page
summary.BANOVA.ordMultinomial Man page
summary.BANOVA.Poisson Man page
summary.BANOVA.T Man page
table.predictions Man page
table.pvalues Man page
trace.plot Man page


R/predict.BANOVA.Bern.R R/JAGSgen.normalNormal.R R/table.pvalue.R R/BANOVA.TNormal.R R/print.summary.BANOVA.Poisson.R R/conv.geweke.heidel.R R/print.table.means.R R/est.multi.R R/JAGSgen.ordmultiNormal.R R/BANOVA.BernNormal.R R/BANOVA.MultiNormal.R R/print.BANOVA.Normal.R R/JAGSgen.multiNormal.R R/rowMatch.R R/JAGSgen.TNormal.R R/JAGSgen.bernNormal.R R/predict.means.R R/summary.BANOVA.ordMultinomial.R R/predict.BANOVA.ordMultinomial.R R/effect.matrix.mediator.R R/get.interactions.R R/table.pvalues.R R/JAGSgen.PNormal.R R/table.coefficients.R R/BANOVA.NormalNormal.R R/table.ANOVA.R R/predict.BANOVA.Bin.R R/BANOVA.PNormal.R R/multi.effect.matrix.interaction.R R/print.ancova.effect.R R/summary.BANOVA.T.R R/print.summary.BANOVA.Multinomial.R R/ R/BANOVA.T.R R/est.R R/predict.BANOVA.Poisson.R R/BANOVA.Multinomial.R R/BAnova.R R/predict.BANOVA.T.R R/print.BANOVA.Bern.R R/print.BANOVA.T.R R/conv.diag.R R/JAGSgen.binNormal.R R/BANOVA.floodlight.R R/effect.matrix.factor.R R/print.BANOVA.ordMultinomial.R R/print.summary.BANOVA.Bin.R R/print.BANOVA.floodlight.R R/print.summary.BANOVA.Bern.R R/floodlight.analysis.R R/BANOVA.Bern.R R/summary.BANOVA.Multinomial.R R/table.predictions.R R/print.summary.BANOVA.ordMultinomial.R R/summary.BANOVA.Normal.R R/print.summary.BANOVA.T.R R/predict.BANOVA.Multinomial.R R/est_pred.R R/print.BANOVA.Bin.R R/ R/BANOVA.Poisson.R R/print.summary.BANOVA.Normal.R R/BANOVA.BinNormal.R R/print.conv.diag.R R/predict.BANOVA.Normal.R R/print.BANOVA.mediation.R R/summary.BANOVA.Bern.R R/effect.matrix.interaction.R R/print.BANOVA.Multinomial.R R/print.BANOVA.Poisson.R R/BANOVA.Normal.R R/BANOVA.mediation.R R/BANOVA.ordMultiNormal.R R/BANOVA.Bin.R R/trace.plot.R R/traceplot.R R/table.ANCOVA.R R/get.values.R R/pValues.R R/cal.mediation.effects.R R/printCoefmat.R R/design.matrix.R R/multi.print.table.means.R R/summary.BANOVA.Bin.R R/multi.predict.means.R R/ssquares.R R/summary.BANOVA.Poisson.R R/multi.effect.matrix.factor.R R/BANOVA.ordMultinomial.R
man/conv.diag.Rd man/colorad2.Rd man/BANOVA.mediation.Rd man/bpndata.Rd man/BAnova.Rd man/ipadstudy.Rd man/BANOVA.Bern.Rd man/trace.plot.Rd man/choicedata.Rd man/colorad.Rd man/BANOVA.ordMultinomial.Rd man/BANOVA.Bin.Rd man/BANOVA.Multinomial.Rd man/table.predictions.Rd man/goalstudy.Rd man/BANOVA-package.Rd man/bernlogtime.Rd man/BANOVA.floodlight.Rd man/condstudy.Rd man/BANOVA.Normal.Rd man/BANOVA.T.Rd man/BANOVA.Poisson.Rd man/table.pvalues.Rd

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