Man pages for BANOVA
Hierarchical Bayesian ANOVA Models

BAnovaFunction to print the table of effect sizes
BANOVA.BernoulliEstimation of BANOVA with a Bernoulli dependent variable
BANOVA.BinomialEstimation of BANOVA with a Binomial dependent variable
BANOVA.buildBuild BANOVA models
BANOVA.floodlightFloodlight analysis based on BANOVA models
BANOVA.mediationMediation analysis based on BANOVA models
BANOVA.modelExtract BANOVA models
BANOVA.multi.mediationMediation analysis with multiple possibly correlated...
BANOVA.MultinomialEstimation of BANOVA with a Multinomial dependent variable
BANOVA.NormalEstimation of BANOVA with a normally distributed dependent...
BANOVA.ordMultinomialEstimation of BANOVA with a ordered Multinomial response...
BANOVA-packageBANOVA: Hierarchical Bayesian ANOVA Models
BANOVA.PoissonEstimation of BANOVA with Poisson dependent variables
BANOVA.runEstimation of BANOVA models
BANOVA.simpleSimple effects calculation
BANOVA.TEstimation of BANOVA with T-distributin of the dependent...
bernlogtimeData for analysis of effects of typicality, blur and color on...
bpndataEye-movement data for analysis of print ad designs
choicedataHousehold Panel Data on Margarine Purchases
coloradData for gist perception of advertising, study 1
colorad2Data for gist perception of advertising, study 2
condstudyData for the study of how brand attitudes were influenced by...
condstudy_subA subset of data for the study of how brand attitudes were...
conv.diagFunction to display the convergence diagnostics
goalstudyData for the study of the impact of the variety among means...
ipadstudyData for the study of relation between Conspicuous, Brand...
pairs.BANOVACreate a matrix of output plots from a 'BANOVA' object
table.predictionsFunction to print the table of means
table.pvaluesFunction to print the table of p-values
trace.plotFunction to plot the trace of parameters
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