Man pages for BICORN
Integrative Inference of De Novo Cis-Regulatory Modules

ATF-gene regulation strength matrix
alphaInverse-gamma distribution hyper-parameter alpha
A_oldTF-gene regulation strength matrix sampled from the previous...
A_samplingRegulation Strength Sampling Function
base_lineGene baseline expression
base_line_oldGene baseline expression sampled from the previous round.
baseline_samplingGene Baseline Expression Sampling Function
betaInverse-gamma distribution hyper-parameter beta
BICORNBICORN Algorithm Function
Binding_genesGenes in the prior binding network
Binding_matrixPrior TF-gene binding network
Binding_TFsTFs in the prior binding network
CTF-gene binding network
C_oldTF-gene binding network sampled from the previous round
C_priorPrior TF-gene binding network
C_sampling_clustercis-Regulatory Module Sampling Function
data_integrationData Initialization for BICORN
Exp_dataGene expression data
Exp_genesGenes in the expression data
sigma_ARegulation strength variance
sigma_baselineVariance of baseline gene expression.
sigma_noiseVariance of gene expression fitting residuals.
sigmanoise_samplingFitting Residule Variance Sampling Function
sigma_XTranscription factor activity variance
XTranscription factr activity matrix
X_oldTranscription factr activity matrix sampled from the previous...
X_samplingTranscription Factor Activity Sampling Function
YGene expression data used for module inference
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