Man pages for BIGL
Biochemically Intuitive Generalized Loewe Model

addResidsAdd residuals by adding to mean effects
backscaleResidsBackscale residuals
BlissindependenceBliss Independence Model
bootConfIntObtain confidence intervals for the raw effect sizes on every...
boxcox.transformationApply two-parameter Box-Cox transformation
coef.MarginalFitCoefficients from marginal model estimation
col2hexR color to RGB (red/green/blue) conversion.
constructFormulaConstruct a model formula from parameter constraint matrix
contour.ResponseSurfaceMethod for plotting of contours based on maxR statistics
df.residual.MarginalFitResidual degrees of freedom in marginal model estimation
directAntiviralsPartial data with combination experiments of direct-acting...
directAntivirals_ALLFull data with combination experiments of direct-acting...
fitMarginalsFit two 4-parameter log-logistic functions for a synergy...
fitSurfaceFit response surface model and compute meanR and maxR...
fitted.MarginalFitCompute fitted values from monotherapy estimation
fitted.ResponseSurfacePredicted values of the response surface according to the...
generalizedLoeweCompute combined predicted response from drug doses according...
generateDataGenerate data from parameters of marginal monotherapy model
get.abs_tvalReturn absolute t-value, used in optimization call in...
getCPEstimate CP matrix from bootstraps
getd1d2A function to get the d1d2 identifier
getRHelper functions for the test statistics
GetStartGuessEstimate initial values for dose-response curve fit
get.summ.dataSummarize data by factor
getTransformationsReturn a list with transformation functions
harbronLoeweAlternative Loewe generalization
hsaHighest Single Agent model
initialMarginalEstimate initial values for fitting marginal dose-response...
isobologramIsobologram of the response surface predicted by the null...
L44-parameter logistic dose-response function
marginalNLSFit two 4-parameter log-logistic functions with non-linear...
marginalOptimFit two 4-parameter log-logistic functions with common...
maxRCompute maxR statistic for each off-axis dose combination
meanRCompute meanR statistic for the estimated model
modelVarCalculate model variance, assuming variance increases...
optim.boxcoxFind optimal Box-Cox transformation parameters
outsidePointsList non-additive points
plot.BIGLconfIntPlot confidence intervals in a contour plot
plotConfIntPlot confidence intervals from BIGL object in a contour plot
plot.effect-sizePlot of effect-size object
plot.MarginalFitPlot monotherapy curve estimates
plot.maxRPlot of maxR object
plot.meanRPlot bootstrapped cumulative distribution function of meanR...
plotMeanVarFitMake a mean-variance plot
plotResponseSurfacePlot response surface
plot.ResponseSurfaceMethod for plotting response surface objects
predict.MarginalFitPredict values on the dose-response curve
predictOffAxisCompute off-axis predictions
predictResponseSurfacePredict the entire response surface, so including on-axis...
predictVarPredict variance
print.summary.BIGLconfIntPrint summary of BIGLconfInt object
print.summary.MarginalFitPrint method for summary of 'MarginalFit' object
print.summary.maxRPrint summary of maxR object
print.summary.meanRPrint summary of meanR object
print.summary.ResponseSurfacePrint method for the summary function of 'ResponseSurface'...
residuals.MarginalFitResiduals from marginal model estimation
runBIGLRun the BIGL application for demonstrating response surfaces
sampleResidsSample residuals according to a new model
scaleResidsFunctions for scaling, and rescaling residuals. May lead to...
simulateNullSimulate data from a given null model and monotherapy...
summary.BIGLconfIntSummary of confidence intervals object
summary.MarginalFitSummary of 'MarginalFit' object
summary.maxRSummary of maxR object
summary.meanRSummary of meanR object
summary.ResponseSurfaceSummary of 'ResponseSurface' object
synergy_plot_bycompPlot 2D cross section of response surface
vcov.MarginalFitEstimate of coefficient variance-covariance matrix
wildbootAddResidsSample residuals according to a new model
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