TransalpinaRawSeqs: Sequences for the burnet moth dataset.

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The dataset of three closely related forms of a European burnet moth with a complicated micro-vicariant distribution pattern, the Zygaena transalpina complex (Lepidoptera, Zygaenidae). Contains the coordinates of each sampling location along with the haplotypes found in each location. It is called using data(TransalpinaRawSeqs).




In total 472 mtDNA sequences of length 497 nucleotides each.


compiled by Axel Hille using supplementary material of von Reumont et al (2012).


B.M. von Reumont, J.-F. Struwe, J. Schwarzer and B. Misof (2012) Phylogeography of the burnet moth Zygaena transalpina-complex: molecular and morphometrical differentiation suggests glacial refugia in Southern France, Western Europe and micro refugia within the Alps. Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research.

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