Defines functions GetIbovStocks

Documented in GetIbovStocks

#' Function to download the current components of the Ibovespa index from Bovespa website
#' This function scrapes the stocks that constitute tSP500 index from the wikipedia page at http://bvmf.bmfbovespa.com.br/indices/ResumoCarteiraTeorica.aspx?Indice=IBOV&idioma=pt-br.
#' @return A dataframe that includes a column with the list of tickers of companies that belong to the Ibovespa index
#' @export
#' @examples
#' \dontrun{
#' df.ibov <- GetIbovStocks()
#' print(df.ibov$tickers)
#' }
GetIbovStocks <- function(){

  # get list of ibovespa's tickers from wbsite

  myUrl <- 'http://bvmf.bmfbovespa.com.br/indices/ResumoCarteiraTeorica.aspx?Indice=IBOV&idioma=pt-br'
  df.ibov.comp <- XML::readHTMLTable(myUrl)[[1]]

  names(df.ibov.comp) <- c('tickers', 'ticker.desc', 'type.stock', 'quantity', 'percentage.participation')

  df.ibov.comp$quantity <- as.numeric(stringr::str_replace_all(df.ibov.comp$quantity,
                                                               stringr::fixed('.'), ''))
  df.ibov.comp$percentage.participation <- as.numeric(stringr::str_replace_all(df.ibov.comp$percentage.participation,
                                                                               stringr::fixed(','), '.'))

  df.ibov.comp$ref.date <- Sys.Date()
  df.ibov.comp$tickers <- as.character(df.ibov.comp$tickers)


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