Man pages for BiDAG
Bayesian Inference for Directed Acyclic Graphs (BiDAG)

adjacency2dagDeriving a graph from an adjacancy matrix
AsiaAsia dataset
BostonBoston housing data
compareDAGsComparing two DAGs
dag2adjacencymatrixDeriving an adjacency matrix of a graph
dag2skeletonadjacencyDeriving an adjacency matrix of the skeleton of a graph
DAGscoreCalculating the BGe/BDe score of a single DAG
dag.thresholdEstimating a graph corresponding to a posterior probability...
edges.posteriorEstimating posterior probabilities of single edges
iterations.checkPerformance assessment of iterative MCMC scheme against a...
iterativeMCMCsearchStructure learning with an iterative order MCMC algorithm on...
orderMCMCStructure learning with the order MCMC algorithm
partitionMCMCDAG structure sampling with partition MCMC
sample.checkPerformance assessment of sampling algorithms against a known...
scoreagainstDAGCalculating the score of a sample against a DAG
scoreparametersInitialising score object
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